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Academic Motto


We will be distinguished by our interdisciplinary and adult learning approach to graduate education.

  • We aim to create an environment that can influence scholars towards becoming social change agents in the world through research and personal involvement.
  • We believe in the potential of scholars in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean to influence the world as we work in community.
  • We encourage and endorse lifelong learning, scholarship, and contextualized application.
  • For our community, change is from the inside out, and to lead is to serve.
  • Our study of the social sciences is built on a moral and ethical foundation based on Judeo-Christian principles
  • Our product is not education, but the resulting social change.

Our Mission

We are building a community of scholars committed to positive social change.


The Latin phrase, E Pluribus Unum, serves as the motto for OASIS Institute of Higher Learning.  It means, "Out of many, one." The expression acknowledges the synergetic educational environment in which the university operates and the solidarity of a pluralistic academic community.  The various programs offered by the university create a sense of one curriculum with a central objective to facilitate learning.  When faculty participates with students in a comprehensive learning process both feel connected.  This facilitates the formation of a community of scholars where individuals are joined together in a common cause.

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