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1.  A completed application for admission with a $300 TT OR $50 US nonrefundable application fee.

2. Official transcripts sent directly from each college and university previously attended.

3. Two current letters of recommendation sent directly from educators or professionals addressing the ability of the applicant to adequately complete graduate work.

4. A validation of the applicant's professional experience, certification, and/or credentials.

5. All graduate courses require a B.A. or an undergraduate academic equivalent.

7. Masters Courses require minimum 2 years for completion.

8. A minimum age of 25 and letters of reference showing good professional standing, moral character and conduct, personal stability and maturity

9. A grade average of B or above in previous studies and/or satisfactory evidence of present ability to produce at the graduate level. Students with weak transcripts, a grade average below B, or less than 30 cohesive semester hours may enhance their position with the Admissions Committee by a personal interview to explain their background and career goals.  An Applicant who may not be fully qualified for a specific degree program, may through a personal interview be directed to a non-degree or professional development program of study and thereby receive benefit and encouragement for participation in OASIS study.   This does not mean that an unqualified applicant would be admitted directly to a degree program, but that faculty would attempt to facilitate further education that may qualify the applicant for entry..

10. An acceptable subject area for research or internship that is within the school structure and relates to the student's profession or career goals.

11. Evidence of present ability to produce at the appropriate academic level.

12. Admission to study does not imply Matriculation for a degree course or to Candidacy for a degree. Students must assume responsibility for becoming fully acquainted with published regulations and requirements of the Program of Study in the Academic Study Prospectus.

13. Documented learning experience acquired through educational and job related growth might be acceptable professional experience for admission. See Section "Assessment of Time-Credit for Professional Experience." No academic credit may be given for such an assessment for graduate study.

14. Any exceptions must have approval of the Faculty Council.   Permission to attend a Program Orientation Workshop may be granted while an applicant's credentials are being processed. This status grants permission to attend a Workshop or Core I Session without a guarantee of admission to degree studies. A student remains at the Admission Level until the Matriculation requirements are validated for a degree track.

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