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Master of Arts in Family Life Education

Interdisciplinary Courses PHI 700  [3] Philosophy of Adult Education - A colloquium that introduces a student to the OASIS philosophy of education and identifies the philosophical framework supporting the programme. The course is considered part of the Program Orientation Workshop. The course explores the importance of self-directedness among adult learners, differentiates...more

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The concentration in Organisational Leadership builds upon principles of human behaviour having near-universal application.  The phenomena examined are found in organisations large and small, public and private, regimented and volunteer, profit-making and social service; they have been observed and investigated across time and cultures.  The curriculum examines organisational systems and...more

Effective Leadership Training: Through Personality/Behavioral Analysis

Are you looking for something more to enhance your professional ability in the work environment while improving your marketability?   Well look no further, come be a part of OASIS Training Sessions.   This course equips the leader with an in-depth understanding of the behavioral tendencies of employees and how the leader can build...more

Leadership Training

Are you looking to enhance your company's leadership!  Well Look no further, OASIS IS NOW OFFERING LEADERSHIP TRAINING in the following\ area's :  Conflict Resolution Emotional  Intelligence  Ethics in Leadership Leading for Change Mentoring & Coaching Self Concept Strategic Leadership Transformational Leadership