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Application Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree - A grade average of B in undergraduate studies and/or satisfactory evidence of ability to produce at the graduate level.

A minimum of 3 years of acceptable professional experience - Validation of the applicant’s professional experience, certification, and/or credentials.

Minimum age of 25.

Students should be computer literate, meaning: proficient in typing, word processing, and e-mail/internet applications.

Students applying for the MEd programme must have:

       1) At least a grade of 2 in Mathematics at O'Level / CXC 

       2) Must be currently employed at a school or have regular access to teach in a school. 


Secured Tuition Empowerment Program (S.T.E.P.)

The Institute provides a generous studentship and fellowship program for qualified students. 

A no-interest tuition monthly payment plan runs concurrent with the first ten terms of a student's academic Program of Study.  S.T.E.P. also provides qualified students with the option of a partial tuition deferment plan as follows:

S.T.E.P. ONE - Application

a.    Submit completed Application Form (by deadline date)
b.    Pay Application fee of TT$300 or US$50 (one-time fee, non-refundable)
c.    Submit copies of Bachelor’s level certificates (originals must be shown to authenticate copies)
d.    Submit Statement of Purpose
e.    Submit copy of photo id (original must be shown to authenticate copy)

S.T.E.P. TWO - Admission 

a.    Request official transcript/s from previously-attended institutions; send directly to Academic Dean, at OASIS Institute of Higher Learning.
b.    Request three (3) Letters of Recommendation, either mail directly to Academic Dean, at OASIS Institute of Higher Learning, or hand deliver in a sealed envelope with recommender’s signature across flap. 

S.T.E.P. THREE - Core Registrations

a.    Submit completed Registration Form
b.    Pay Entrance Fee of TT$1,500 or US$250 (one-time fee)
c.    Pay for Citation Software TT$300 or US$50 (one-time fee)                
d.    Pay Core fees of TT$1,800 or US$300 due each Core by deadline date; two-weeks prior to start date of Core. Core fees include cost of syllabi, course materials, library, and services.
e.    Optional – pay for meals (available by reservation)
f.    Optional – pay for accommodation on campus (available by reservation)

S.T.E.P. FOUR - Tuition

Pay monthly tuition of TT$1900 or US$317, for 24 months. Tuition is due by the last day of each month, starting from the first Core. 
Scholarship award – Currently, all Caribbean students are automatically eligible:

  • Total Tuition - 39 graduate credits @ TT$1,495.85/US$249.17 per credit     TT$58,305/US$9,750
  • Less Scholarship - TT$12,700/US$2,117
  • Final tuition total - TT$45,605 or US$7,601

There will be a late fee of 10% of tuition for every month overdue.

Please note that tuition remains due monthly beyond the 24 month until the student has been cleared for graduation.

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