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Effective Leadership Training: Through Personality/Behavioral Analysis

Are you looking for something more to enhance your professional ability in the work environment while improving your marketability?
Well look no further, come be a part of OASIS Training Sessions.
This course equips the leader with an in-depth understanding of the behavioral tendencies of employees and how the leader can build a healthy organizational culture demonstrative of high productivity and good human relations. Areas analyzed in personality profiling include:
  • Personality and activity preferences
  • Task versus people orientation based on personality
  • General characteristics associated with personality types
  • Strengths and limitations of personality types
  • Combining personality with leadership effectiveness
  • Personality as it relates to communication, motivation, leadership style, and delegation
  • The leader who is also an effective follower
  • Assessing the emotional intelligence of self and others
  • Personality and time management needs
  • The leader's ideal environment
  • Personality and parenting




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